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About Mebenir-hand

My name is Sheila Welford, the Aromatherapist behind Benirtherapy.co.uk.
Several Years ago during a difficult time in my life I experienced my first aromatherapy massage and was instantly hooked.
It was an instant lift.
It was then that I came to the conclusion that everybody deserves the feeling of a stress free life. I enrolled on an intensive Aromatherapy course from which I gained a Level 4 Diploma in Aromatherapy. I also attended short courses on this and I'm always learning more as I go on.
Consequently I am now a member of the Affliate of Ethical & Professional Therapists [AEPT] and I have been practising since then.
I have always loved to keep fit and healthy, I love my work and with my personal experiences throughout life, I feel I have achieved a really good balance in helping others too.
Please feel free to contact me for any enquiries regarding the treatments I offer.

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