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Corporate packages and Pamper packages with Benirtherapy.co.uk

We also offer the following

1. Home visits for the Elderly and

2. Corporate Packages;

a. Employee Pamper Days; This includes eight 30 mins aromatherapy massage treatment per day per
therapist. This package focuses on rewarding and pampering employees as well as benefitting their health.
Package price £250 + expenses.

b. Employees short treatments; This includes ten 15 min treatments per 1/2 day per therapist,this is a quick but effective
stress relief and focusses less on pampering and reward.

Package price £ 150 + expenses.


Why should you provide on site massage to employees

a. Improving employee health,by reducing stress level in the office
b. Decreasing absence from work due to poor health
c. Improves performance and productivity
d. Motivating your staff and improve morale.
e. It can also introduce a staff incentive/ reward
f.  It can also attract excellent new staff and improve corporate reputation

3. Pamper parties;

Get together with few friends and enjoy hours of pampering. They can choose any types of treatment and how long for. This can be very relaxing and can also give many health benefits:

1. Stress relief
2. Improve mental and emotional well being
3. Reduced muscle tension and fatigue
4. Improved skin condition
5. Improved circulation both blood and lymph
6. Lower blood pressure and heart rate.

We charge £35.00 per hour per person plus a variable charge for travel time and set up. We will bring our equipments but ask that you provide a quiet space large enough for a massage table with space around it to work.

Contact us or phone direct on 01770 601239.

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