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We offer a variety of Aromatherapy treatments to suit your needs. We always begin with a consultation, this way we can gather information needed to enable us to give you the most appropriate treatment. We will then agree upon
the treatment together.

1. AROMATHERAPY TREATMENTS; This is deeply relaxing form of massageusing aromatic essential oils diluted in carrier oils.Following a full consultation, we can determine the best essential oil,perfect for your skin type and health conditins too.

2. BODY MASSAGE; Similar to Swedish massage,this is a straight forward massage that can incorporate many different movements
to make a massage vigorous or relaxing depending on your need.It can cover the whole body or focus in on specific areas,
again depending on your needs.

3.INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE; This is probably the most straightforward, convenient and versatile massage therapy.It is a wonderful relaxing and calming treatment that focus not only on the head but also on the upper arms,shoulders and neck where tensions are often build.

4. REFLEXOLOGY TREATMENT; Another calming and balancing treatment that uses specific thum or finger manipulations
to work reflexes on the feet,as well as general relaxing massage moves.


Aromatherapy Massage  Duration  Price 
 Full aromatherapy massage  55 mins  £35
 Back of body massage  30 mins  £35
 Reviving leg massage  25 mins  £20
 Therapeutic massage  50 mins  £45
 Aromatherapy fitness massage  50 mins  £45
 Full body 55 mins £45
 Upper body 50 mins £30
Back and leg 50 mins £30
Face and scalp 30 mins £25
Intensive head massage 45 mins £30
Standard head massage 30 mins £25
Extended 55 mins £40
Standard 35 mins £30



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